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A note to GOD !
  1. Where did I even land GOD? Here, in this world I never thought love had ever existed. I never believed that I would get close to someone and get attached to a person so emotionally. My life had changed drastically from no one to everyone and its all possible just because of one person whom I met. She is an angel. Angel of love and happiness. One person who was sent by you to show me love and give me happiness. I feel this from inside very strongly.  Today I should tell you God, how beautiful your creation is.

    I should say I got lucky here. You remember what I used to ask you for every time? Love that exists forever. I found that love. Her smile is magical,that can make any person forget all his pain in life. She is beautiful. Beautiful than that moon. Her cute and sweet expressions make her look much more beautiful. I feel honored that I got a chance to listen to her past. All through my life if there is anything that had a lot of impact on me is her past. Even I dont know the reason but I very much got connected to her life and her past. I could feel that pain in her eyes when she told me about it. True God, true things are born out of pain itself. I saw her smiling,laughing,crying,sad,jumping,caring,loving, what not. Every emotion that you have given to a person to experience and I should say I had an experience of all these along with her. 

    She gave me re birth. I was all dead, Angel came into my life and gave me life again. Showed me a path to live and win. Introduced to me to this world and to a lot of people. I fell in love with her. It is something irresistible for anyone. I fell in love with her past.  I fell in love with her beauty. I fell in love with the person she is. I fell in love with her smile. I fell in love with her everything. 

    My parents gave me birth. I dont know how far I was successful in living it up, but I was dead one day. You and Angel gave me life to my dead life again. So dont you thing calling her Ammi is right? Dont you think she is my Mom who gave me life? For me she is. If there is any person whom I love the most and respect the most after my Mom it is going to be my Ammi. This feeling itself is beautiful. I think about her and the feeling I get from it is something which I cannot explain. I get goosebumps. I feel excited like a kid. My Ammi, beautiful Ammi. I found something that lasts forever within me, I found that love. And the name of that love is Ammi. 

    I am glad that I got a chance to spend time with her, talk to her, laugh along with her,to see her beautiful smile infinite number of times. And I am thankful to you too for sending such a beautiful and wonderful person into my life. Or as I say its a destiny that I met her and experienced so many good things in life. I owe my life to her. Today I look back into my life, all my past fades away but all those days I spent with my Ammi will be remembered forever. I want to live them again and again until I die, that is the reason I saved all these things in here. This world should know that true love exists between two people who are not bonded by blood yet bonded by love. Be it any relationship, my love is going to last forever for her. 

    I am always thankful to both of you. I would ask you only one last thing and you know what it is. 

    If I am alive it means,my love for you is still alive.

— 2 months ago

There is no tomorrow waiting for. . Its all about now or never! its my life! Fuck yeah!

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Well, that’s a lie! :)

Well, that’s a lie! :)

— 1 year ago
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Letting go things which we truly love is the most hardest and painful thing, but sometimes that is the best thing to do

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The only thing I know perfectly is to love. The magical love. Whatever I do,where ever I am all I do is Love and Live.

— 1 year ago
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The good we do is long forgotten but the bad we do is remembered forever

— 1 year ago
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"What I personally feel is what ever we do,let it be good or bad but do it with love and we are never gonna regret it :)"
— 1 year ago
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I am a loser,big time. Am fucking hating this. FUCK MY LIFE. I need someone who can talk to me and understand how I feel deep inside. I want to fucking shouttttttttt. Am lost. Am crazy. FUCK this shit. I fucking hate my fucked up life.

— 2 years ago

All these days I used to wonder why all those directors travel places of their choice to write their scripts,but today I realized their purpose of doing it.

Few places drive us emotional and happy. And my city is one of that kind to me. Until  I was in Hyderabad I never ever felt like writing anything but today in Vizag the writer hidden inside me came out again. I missed writing here on Tumblr. Hyderabad killed the writer inside me. Life there is always on wheels even if we are walking. Materialistic life. Here,this city makes me emotional and I start feeling about things which helps me in writing some or the other shit. Am not a good writer,I know but I write what I feel.

— 2 years ago

Vizag,the name it self has some emotional attachment in it. Its actually an emotional killer. Don’t know when am gonna come back here again but I will surely miss this place big time.

This city has  her soul and it makes it much more beautiful. I dint get lucky enough to meet her. I wish I could at least get a chance to see her. I still feel the same for her even today. If I stay in Vizag I can seriously not concentrate on anything I do. I cant stop myself thinking about her. I miss her and I miss Vizag too.

I will come back to the city again only after I get settled in life. Dont know when but will happen soon.

I will always love this place. City of destiny has showed my destiny and am already on my way to reach it. :)

— 2 years ago
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