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There is no tomorrow waiting for. . Its all about now or never! its my life! Fuck yeah!

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Well, that’s a lie! :)

Well, that’s a lie! :)

— 12 months ago
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Letting go things which we truly love is the most hardest and painful thing, but sometimes that is the best thing to do

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The only thing I know perfectly is to love. The magical love. Whatever I do,where ever I am all I do is Love and Live.

— 1 year ago
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The good we do is long forgotten but the bad we do is remembered forever

— 1 year ago
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"What I personally feel is what ever we do,let it be good or bad but do it with love and we are never gonna regret it :)"
— 1 year ago
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I am a loser,big time. Am fucking hating this. FUCK MY LIFE. I need someone who can talk to me and understand how I feel deep inside. I want to fucking shouttttttttt. Am lost. Am crazy. FUCK this shit. I fucking hate my fucked up life.

— 1 year ago

All these days I used to wonder why all those directors travel places of their choice to write their scripts,but today I realized their purpose of doing it.

Few places drive us emotional and happy. And my city is one of that kind to me. UntilĀ  I was in Hyderabad I never ever felt like writing anything but today in Vizag the writer hidden inside me came out again. I missed writing here on Tumblr. Hyderabad killed the writer inside me. Life there is always on wheels even if we are walking. Materialistic life. Here,this city makes me emotional and I start feeling about things which helps me in writing some or the other shit. Am not a good writer,I know but I write what I feel.

— 1 year ago

Vizag,the name it self has some emotional attachment in it. Its actually an emotional killer. Don’t know when am gonna come back here again but I will surely miss this place big time.

This city hasĀ  her soul and it makes it much more beautiful. I dint get lucky enough to meet her. I wish I could at least get a chance to see her. I still feel the same for her even today. If I stay in Vizag I can seriously not concentrate on anything I do. I cant stop myself thinking about her. I miss her and I miss Vizag too.

I will come back to the city again only after I get settled in life. Dont know when but will happen soon.

I will always love this place. City of destiny has showed my destiny and am already on my way to reach it. :)

— 1 year ago
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I cried today after a long time.

— 1 year ago